We partner with visionary and conscious companies committed to providing remarkable value and achieving excellence in their field.
Providing results-focused and engaging workshops and programmes to inspire, engage and develop your greatest business asset – your team!

Helping you and your team find your x-factor and get into the zone

Think about how effective you are as a leader when you get into ‘the zone’ at work. In that space where energy, head and heart align, remarkable things happen. You find your personal x-factor of vocational power and it changes everything.

Imagine would happen if your whole team got into the zone.

At XONE we are here to help you to:

1.  Engage and develop the x-factor in each unique individual team member.
2.  Get your whole team into ‘the zone’ where your best work is done.

Let’s get started!

Meet your XONE Trainers

CARLY SHORTERDirector & Lead Trainer
Carly is engaging, entertaining and empathetic in equal measure – a dynamic cocktail of strengths which she honed to a fine art in her 14 years working in commercial radio and television. Her experience as an educator with the New Zealand School of Radio and as a professional speaking consultant has sharpened her natural ability to read a room and to deliver quality content in a responsive, personable, interactive and relevant way.

“I love being able to use laughter and warmth to make people feel relaxed and comfortable enough to change. There is so much good and positive potential in each person. It’s my privilege to help unlock that.”

VANESSA DAVEYDirector, Content Creator & Lead Facilitator
As the Founder and CEO of the Venus Network, Vanessa has spent the last seven years living and breathing personal and professional growth and creating powerful content in the process. She brings to your company insight and intuition, which she combines with results-focused strategies to ensure that the growth of the leader, the team and the business are all in alignment. She is a talented content creator and gifted facilitator.

“I believe it is the responsibility of the business owner to provide an environment for their team to flourish. It feels extraordinary to go beyond just providing your people with a job, to supporting them to grow and be successful in their lives.”

For Remarkable Team Change – our year programmes

We prefer to journey with you and your team over a full year as it allows us to go deeper and build the trust that is required for remarkable change in your people, your team and your business. Our year programmes include:

Team Cohesion Programme
Empowering team members to have the mindset and communication skills to work as a dynamic and productive team. Teaching members how to be a proactive, positive team contributor. We’ll establish ground rules, build trust and loyalty and define roles while enhancing social relations.

Leadership XONE Programme
Based on Neuroscience and Positive Psychology this course teaches the mindset and behaviours to drive greater success and fulfilment in work and life. Attendees create a powerful daily tool to help focus their time and energy to achieve outstanding success.

Conscious Managers Programme
Every manager faces the same challenge – how do you get the most from the people on your team. Putting brain science to work in your company your managers will learn strategies to engage your teams and empower them to thrive in their role as manager.

Feedback from clients we’ve worked with

Our presenters picked up plenty of new skills and found the training very beneficial. There has been a definite difference and the change in presenting is really noticeable – that was money well spent with our presenters having more confidence
Jason McClintock, Operations Manager Certified Builders

XONE ran some presentation skills courses for our Melbourne and Sydney offices which received great feedback and the transformation for some of the people who attended was amazing… from shy, quiet and nervous to professional confident presenters, in just four hours!  The day was also a good morale and team booster.
Head of Solutions, Financial Crime and Cyber Security – Asia Pacific, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Everyone in the room was so engaged and I think everything that was discussed resonated across the group
HR Director
BAE Systems

I think the emphasis not on technical learning but “softer skills” and shared discussion was refreshing
Financial Crime Strategy Director ANZ Australia

 There was some very inspirational moments and certainly was a great night with lots to takeaway. It really goes to show how much impact a positive mindset can go and the importance of networking
Forensic Investigator NAB Australia